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A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. Graphic designers, photographers and other creative artists use mood boards to visually illustrate the style they wish to pursue. These boards can also be used by design professionals to visually explain a certain style of writing, or an imaginary setting for a storyline. In short, mood boards are not limited to visual subjects, but serve as a visual tool to quickly inform others of the overall "feel" (or "flow") of an idea.

Espinas (Thorns)

directed and created by Julia Conde

"Espinas" tells the story of a cactus who falls in love with a small flower. He strongly believes he's not pretty enough for her, because of his thorns. Quite an angsty story taking place in Salta, Argentina.

I was asked to make this moodboard in order to reflect how colorful and strident this scenarios could be, but also to reflect the loneliness of the protegonist.

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"Espinas" production backstage


directed and created by Emilia Calvo

"Neptuno" gives us the story of Violeta, a 14 year old girl who falls into an underwater world in order to find her father. With the help of Valentín, a merman and a dancer, she'll search her dad.

Those moodboards were made to capt how each of the characters makes the audience feel. Violeta is an awkard, small and cute girl, and Valentín is such a flirty and elegant master of incitement. They are from different worlds, but they are going through this story together. 

You can follow Neptuno in its social media:

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"Neptuno" stills


Disclaimer: Haikyuu!! (ハイキュー!!) belongs to Haruichi Furudate and these are non profit moodboards. 

Haikyu!! is a Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It's about boys who play volleyball, where the main character, Hinata Shoyou, is focus on becoming the strongest ace of Karasuno's team.

I decided to make this moodboards for a fanfic (a fans story) about Iwaizumi and Oikawa. They're best friends who study in different universities, in different cities. They start falling in love with each other, and they suddenly don't know what to do with their feelings.

You can read "Confeti Rosa", made by Janet Cab, here

Iwaizumi Hajime

Also known as "the person who prevents his captain from going to jail", Iwaizumi is a reserved and warm-hearted ace who finally accepts is in love with his best friend.

Oikawa Toru

The emperor of the court and the captain from Seijoh's Team. Oikawa is a provocative, sassy setter who loves aliens, volleyball and his best friend, Iwaizumi.

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