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“Someone is bullying me. In order to discover this person, I need to ask for help. Who will be my partner in this?”

This proyect won the first prize in Girls Games! for Codeathon in 2018! I traveled to Brazil for two weeks to meet with all the other winners all around the world, and we worked on improve this proyect!

Ari is an awkard and cute student who has been bullied ever since her best friend left in an exchange year. One afternoon, after gym class, she discovers that someone has spilled old soup in her shoes. Ari, frustated, makes a desicion: she'll ask for help between three female classmates who've always called her attention. 

You can play the demo here


Direction, Character Design, Story and Designing: Constanza Garcías Solé

Illustrators: Grisel Dozirciw and Eriadna Duca

Oficial Images

Character Design

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