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Since 2016 until nowdays, I've worked as a production chief and distributor in Ovni Vaca Studio. Despite this, today I am focused on producing my own content.

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Producer, distributor

Micro, the smallest dinosaur in the world, begins his life alone in an unknown land. Little by little, he must face the dangers and discover the place where he belongs in this world where everything is bigger than him

This is a short film made by Pablo Fortunato and produced and distributed by myself. It was made in 2017, and the day of the premiere won the first audience prize in Universidad del Cine: Muestra de Cortos 2018. Micro has participate in lots of festivals, including Anima Latina as part of the official selection, Cartón and plenty of others.

Low Battery


A star falls into Earth and musts return to sky.

Machi Chibán made this short film as a final exam in college. When we realised  it was a very good material, I send it to lots a festivals. It has participate in GLITTER! LGBT Oklahoma Festival, Cartón, Super Geek FF, and bunch of international others.

You can watch Low Battery here.

Nuestro Clan

Producer, distributor

In 2017, the band Murciegalo decided to make an animated videoclip of their single "Nuestro Clan". They did not only contact and worked with Ovni Vaca, but also gave me the possibility to spread "Nuestro Clan" around the world. Between others, it participated in the southkorean Jecheon International Music&Film Festival, as a part of the international competition. 

You can watch it here.

Children of the Weather


This was the first short film I distibuted. Grisel Dozirciw made "Children of the Weather" just for fun, but it has been in more than 20 international festival.

You can watch "Children of the Weather" here.

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